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Who We Are

Premier Sleep Disorders Center, located in Victoria and Rockport, Texas, specializes in helping people obtain a good night's rest. Whether you think you may have a sleep disorder or have already been diagnosed, our team is here to help.

Over the years, we've helped hundreds of people sleep better. 95% of our patients say their lifestyles have been improved with our help. From our free initial screening and consultation to the top of the line sleep-related equipment that we carry, you can trust that our team can help you and your loved ones find the sleep your seeking. Continue reading to learn more about us or check out our services.

What We Do

Our Team at Premier Sleep Disorders Center

The heart of good healthcare depends on the heart of the people practicing it. That's why you'll feel good about the professionals here at Premier Sleep Disorders Center.

Our management team is comprised of sleep professionals dedicated to helping you overcome your sleep disorder. Together, they bring to you over 50 years of experience, having successfully helped hundreds of people from all across the region.

You'll find our management and staff to be both professional and caring. They'll spend as much time with you as needed to answer your questions and to educate you on the idiosyncrasies of your particular sleep disorder.

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Our Centers Feels More Like Home

Premier Sleep Disorders Center is more like a comfortable hotel than a sleep lab. Our rooms feature a queen-size bed, recliner, television, and warm, friendly décor that makes it easier to feel comfortable and more relaxed. In turn, sleep and the sleep test come easier and offer better results than with tests performed in a hospital environment.

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